While You Were Sleeping

I envy you kids and your 'sleep'. I'm still trying to power through my polyphasic sleep experiment. I slept an hour past an alarm today, which has totally destroyed my rhythm. But more on that later. Bleh. Now it's time for the news!

Could the next Microsoft console be called Xbox 8? Makes sense, I guess, in terms of building a unified brand. Actually, the more I think about it, the more I like it. Microsoft has apparently snagged that domain name. Of course that's hardly proof the next Xbox will definitely be called that, but it appears to be in the running at least.

Halo 4's multiplayer will require 8GB of space. Wow. I may have to upgrade.

Okami HD plays and looks like a dream, this is a look at the hate one woman gets for examining video games and these are the silly things we ask the head of Nintendo.

In Short: You Can Ask The Head Of Nintendo Anything And You Ask Him This Exposing The Hate One Woman Gets For Examining Video Games Microsoft Snags Domain Name For Xbox 8 Halo 4 Multiplayer Requires At Least 8GB Of Space Okami HD Plays And Looks Like A Dream


    here you go Mark, some light reading,


    The first one on the list is about the Uberman Sleep Schedule, a few more days and your body should start cooperate.

    I feel incredibly guilty reading this particular article every morning. "While *You* Were Sleeping" takes on a new meaning ;)

    Xbox 8. Xbox 8. Hmm, not bad but gives the impression they skipped a few generations. Maybe turn the 8 around and call it Xbox Infinite. :P

      Infinite meaning the next console will be the only console we will ever need for all eternity? o_o

    Im curious just how 'solid' people think the rumour mill is, surrounding, the new xBox? Do people seriously believe its on it way? I love my gaming and news consoles are seriously fun (dont get me wrong) and I ave seen all the leaking information around this next 'xbox', but is it really coming? I also wonder how this discussion relates to the possible new Playstation.... any thoughts?

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