While You Were Sleeping

There's been a dramatic turn of events in Mark's polyphasic sleep experiment. As day 6 breaks, it's unclear what sort of state Mark is in right now. His tweets from last night suggest that only Superman can sleep like Superman — everyone else just loses the plot.

I'll let him tell you what happened — this story ain't over yet. Let's move on to the gaming news that broke overnight.

It sounds like Sony may be preparing to release a new PlayStation 3 if FCC documents in the US are to be believed, raising speculation once again of a slimmed-down console. The lack of end-game content in Diablo III has been acknowledged as an issue from Blizzard's camp — this isn't World of Warcraft, dammit. Totilo checks out Far Cry 3 and how it compares to its predecessor, while Schrier presents a list of 10 achievements he wants to see in the Final Fantasy VII re-release. Are you listening, Square Enix?

In Short: So There Might Be A New PS3 Diablo III ‘Item Hunt’ Is Not A Sustainable End-Game, Blizzard Admits The Wonderful, Hidden Message Of Far Cry 3 Is That Your Parents Weren’t Idiots 10 Achievements I’d Like To See In The Final Fantasy VII Re-Release


    Poor Mark, he was doing pretty damn well. There's no shame in stopping, though. You've gotten a lot further than the rest of us.

      Completly agree, with a pregnant wife this can't be doing the relationship well at the moment.

    Mark! :( hope you're feeling better today. Probably best to stop before your brain caves in.

    Reading Mark's tweets is scary. Hope he's gotten some sleep and we hear from him soon.

    Who cares about Game news - Mark, what's the deal man!?!

    Wait til you get to babyphasic sleep, similar level of tiredness but no pattern to it, once you get your baby into a sleeping pattern, things become a little easier, until they get their first cold or start teething, I think mine is on the verge of teething at the moment so I got about 2 hours sleep last night, if you could call it that.

    This has been really fascinating to watch over past few days, particularly it seemed the more tired Mark was, most notibly around day 2-3, the more poetic the articles became as they came with a raw honesty about them. Regardless of whether Mark is still continuing this experiment or decided to call it quits, I'm glad he let us share the experience with him.

      Wait until the kid is about 2 and wakes up at 4:30am, refusing to go back to sleep and insisting that it's time to get up and start the day because it's morning, even though the sun isn't up yet.

      Yeah, I'm the parent of a 2 year old. This phase is fun.

    It hasn't been a fruitless exercise, as I'm sure he's learned some techniques (and a better feeling for what he can do) for Baby Time.
    Rest up Mark, you've earned it.

    Why is everyone assuming he's given up?

    "His tweets from last night suggest that only Superman can sleep like Superman — everyone else just loses the plot. "

    I interpret that as him calling himself Superman and fighting on! C'mon Mark! There is no Kryptonite!

    Either that or he's lost the plot and become delirious.


      That seemed pretty definitive. He hasn't posted today yet, maybe he's sleeping.

        I hope it's over. He's been in a pretty bad state for most of this.

    Good job Mark. Sad, and glad, to hear it is over!

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