While You Were Sleeping

Another day another dollar. This is While You Were Sleeping, giving you reasons to procrastinate your work day since 2010. No need to thanks us.

Erhahgerd! Steam sales! Just in time for my tax return money to find itself splurged needlessly on a host of games I'll never play. Oh yes. This will happen. Who's with me?

Deep breaths.

Okay, other stuff. Grand Theft Auto V screenshots. Wow, they really managed to sneak that from under us. Does that sentence even make sense? Regardless — it continues to look pretty swell.

Comic-Con has already given us stuff to talk about: Fortnite will officially be the world's first Unreal Engine 4 game, and it will be a PC exclusive. This is Christopher Walken talking about Batman: Arkham City, and if you're keen to check out some extensive Hitman footage after all those CGI trailers, walk yourself over here.

In Short Let Christopher Walken Walk You Through Batman: Arkham City The Steam Summer Sale Is Finally Here Fortnite Will Be The First Unreal Engine 4 Game New Awesome Grand Theft Auto V Screenshots Watch Five Hits And One Kidnapping In 17 Minutes Of Hitman Absolution


    I question the relevance of "While You Were Sleeping" articles when all we need to do is scroll through the few articles underneath?

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