While You Were Sleeping

You know those mornings when you wake up and you're like, 'I feel rested and amazing and all is right with the world?' They happen like once a year, but it happened to me this morning! So I thought I'd tell you all and make you jealous and hate me. Cool, now onto the news...

I really sympathise with Kotaku US Editor Stephen Totilo here. He lists the games he's not playing, and explains why. I get this — I pass on so many games throughout the year — either because I haven't got the time, or they just don't excite me. What games have you been skipping out on recently?

Bloody Metal Gear Solid 5. As if that game isn't in development! It winds me up that this continues to be a story! Konami has apparently shot down Metal Gear Solid 5 rumours. What? Didn't Kojima admit the existence of this game ages ago? Blergh.

Apparently the new Devil May Cry is actually pretty good. Nah... it can't be! These are 10 hidden SNES gems, and here is some more info on the new Tomb Raider game.

In Short Konami Shoots Down Metal Gear Solid 5 Rumours Either The Devil May Cry Is Very Good Or The Whiskey Was Really Strong Why I Haven't Played Some Big New Games 10 Hidden SNES Gems In Tomb Raider Hell Is Always Other People


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