While You Were Sleeping

Welcome to today's special edition of While You Were Sleeping. It's 5pm yesterday here in Vancouver, but I'm having breakfast with you guys and catching up on last night's top stories...? OK, whatever, let's do this.

This profile of DayZ personality Dr Wasteland is awesome and should get your day off to an interesting start. I haven't played the game, so it reads like a real-life war story. Crazy. We also get a closer look at Lili, the next Unreal Engine 3 iOS game, with details from the developers and pretty screenshots. And the Tony Hawk HD remake makes epic fails look better than ever, if the video is to be believed.

Changing up the pace is the tragic report of a teenager who supposedly died after a marathon Diablo III session. Authorities say that "long hours in a sedentary position created cardiovascular problems", which is making us all a bit paranoid.

In short: The Hard-Boiled Guardian Angel Of DayZ The Next Unreal Engine 3 iOS Game Is A Completely Different Kind Of Gorgeous Man Dies After Playing Diablo III For 40 Hours Failure In Tony Hawk HD Looks Better Than Ever

Image of my friend's cat, Gryffin. He thinks he's human.


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