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What are your thoughts on the general state of video games, particularly the art style and location of said video games? Well, I tend to agree with Viktor Antonov, the Art Director on Half Life 2. He says not enough risks are being taken when it comes to the way games look. I agree with him.

And what about that Diablo III, eh? The game has obviously sold a fair amount of units, but I don't think I've heard a positive thing since. The Blizzard CEO has acknowledged the complaints. Diablo III isn't perfect, he says. No shit!

The PS Vita is still struggling, Ratchet and Clank is doing Tower Defence and this is the largest map in Battlefield history.

In Short Half Life 2 Art Director Laments The Stale State Of Modern Video Games Blizzard CEO: We Know Diablo III Isn't Perfect How Ratchet And Clank Does Tower Defence Check Out The Largest Map In Battlefield History PS Vita Still Struggling After Six Months But The Solution Is Obvious


    Probably because taking risks equates to potentially lowered profits. Why take risks when you can take a glorified map/extension pack and slap a full retail price on it annually--I think everyone knows what franchise I'm talking about.

    I'm not hating on it because it's popular(ok maybe just a little), I hate it because it has set an industry standard that does emulate it, a standard that has(for the most part) stifled creativity and originality in games; take Homefront for example-- a game that had so much potential to brake away from the mould, but ended up just being another clone, even right down to the grenade proximity icon--and the industry is suffering as a result.

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