While You Were Sleeping

Hey guys — meet Sleepy Mark. He stays up late playing Dark Souls, then wakes up early to go to work. Sleepy Mark drinks seven cans of Pepsi Max a day and he eats loads of chocolate. He also writes really rubbish While You Were Sleeping intros...

I've been forced into a bad habit. Every time a big publisher announces a PS Vita/PSP exclusive based on a major franchise, I assume is a dreadful non-canonical spin off I can ignore. But the new Assassin's Creed for the PS Vita? I'm slowly but surely being convinced. If you have any interest in this series this piece is well worth reading.

Many found the E3 trailer for God of War: Ascension to be a little... over the top. My thoughts were, 'this is God of War, you expected something different?' I think it was a case of bad timing, it hit in the midst of backlash against gratuitous violence in games — a backlash I sort of agree with. But can you justify the violence in God of War?

This is a massive Minecraft dog. Massive. This piece about Taipei's underground video game district is interesting, and this weird JRPG looks... um. Very Japanese.

In Short Assassin's Creeds New Black Heroine Could Represent A New Kind Of Liberation The Case For A Very Violent Scene In A Very Violent Video Game The Best Minecraft Dog You'll See Today Check Out Taipei's Underground Video Game District This Hi-Definition JRPG Looks... Yeah


    Duuude 7 cans a day? Surely thats not an average, bad for you mmmkay !

    Yeah as someone who used to drink far less Pepsi Max per day (but still pretty regularly, I often knocked out two 600ml bottles per day), I had to more or less give it up a year ago when my dentist told me it was wrecking my teeth despite having no sugar in it. And I was only 31 at the time.

    Think of it this way, 7 cans is a little over 2 and a half litres of Pepsi Max you're drinking.

    From one Pepsi Max aficionado to another...you might need to cut it down just a tad :)

      It's true, man. I drink more than Serrels (!!!) and the enemel at the bottom of my front teeth have worn down. I don't smile any more. Cautionary tale for you, man. :P

    7 cans! I'm astounded.

    artificial sweetener is carcinogenic don't drink that shit!

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