While You Were Sleeping

How good is sleeping? The only problem is waking up. Conscious life is top notch at times, but waking up is not. The only positive? Video game news, and the chance to catch up with it. Well, it's hardly the only positive, but just go with me on this one!

Remember that Diablo III exploit? The that effectively allowed Wizards to play without fear of dying? Yeah, that could have been a little problematic had it remained. Looks like Blizzard has totally fixed it, or is in the process of rolling out a fix. Never mind!

Also, it seems as though Kotaku US has been putting together a bit of a series on Comic Books, which is obviously not of interest to everyone, but it'll be an interesting diversion for some. Check out these Batman comics that helped the Dark Knight rise, and these are five comics that'll make you nostalgic.

I'm not usually a massive fan of Cosplay articles, but I thought this one was interesting — eight impressive girls as guys cosplays. Oh, and this is the best way to play Zelda at work, apparently.

In Short Diablo III's Invincible Wizards Not So Invincible Anymore The Comics That Helped The Dark Knight Rise This Might Be The Best Way To Play Zelda At Work Five Comics That Will Make You Nostalgic This Week Eight Impressive Girls As Guys Cosplay


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