While You Were Sleeping

You know when you fall asleep with a headache? That's bad enough. But waking up with the exact same headache. Sweet jesus. I'm toiling. But I'm powering on through — this is love! This is While You Were Sleeping.

Remember when Gabe Newell spoke out against the PS3, well he's now hunting bigger game — Windows 8 is a 'catastrophe' according to him. Which is the reason why he wants to support Linux.

No realy need to click on the link because, yeah... there's no additional detail in the story, but Zynga's stock just dropped 41%. That's a pretty big number.

This is a post about an Olympic Judo wrestler who was inspired by Pokemon, this is the best instruction manual ever, and this is what a celebrity game of Team Fortress 2 looks like.

In Short Gabe Newell Wants To Support Linux Because Windows 8 Is A Catastrophe What A Celebrity Game Of Team Fortress 2 Looks Like Zynga Stock Suddenly Drops 41% Why An Olympic Judo Wrestler Was Inspired By A Pokemon Fight The Best Horrible Instruction Booklet The SEGO Saturn Ever Saw


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