While You Were Sleeping

Well last night I had one of those moments where I was like, I'm going to bed at 9pm and I don't care who knows about it. So yeah. I'm feeling A+ about right now!Time to talk about the news that happened while I was sleeping the sleep of sleepy god-kings.

You don't have to go far down the page to find this, but it's worth highlighting — looks like a number of Zynga insiders have been dumping a lot of stock lately... before it tanked. Can't blame them. Well you can. That stock was so overpriced to begin with.

And of course Apple has a patent for a physical game controller. Why wouldn't they. Whether or not they actually build and sell the thing? Well that's another matter. I say a big fat no to that one.

Oh, interesting. Final Fantasy XIV has been completely overhauled and is no longer called Final Fantasy XIV. Weird. Angry Birds now has boss battles, and these are some of the worst Pikachu drawings on the internet.

In Short Report: Zynga Insiders Dumped Lots Of Stock Before It Tanked Apple Has A Patent For A Physical Video Game Controller Final Fantasy XIV Totally Overhauled Is Now Called A Realm Reborn Some Of The Worst Pikachu Drawings On The Internet Angry Birds Space Scores A New Boss A New Bird And A Little Tetris Flavour


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