While You Were Sleeping

Wakey wakey folks. Did you know that one of the Vitamin Water drinks — the yellow one — has copious amounts of caffeine in it? I did not know that. Not until this morning. It is a good thing to know. Now to the bearing of video game news...

Bizarrely I had a conversation yesterday about 'Bronies'. I was trying to explain why there is a generation of young men watching the new, reinvention of My Little Pony. I'm sorry guys, but I failed. My wife's friend simply shook her head and said, 'that would be a deal breaker for me'. Ah well. Anyway — there is a My Little Pony beat 'em up. This is a real thing that now exists.

Did you hear about this super interesting Indie Game exhibition that's taking place in Sydney? Well, I'm totally going to this. Should be great.

The yellow card for swearing thing on FIFA 13 with Kinect is not happening anymore — what gives? Very disappointed! These are all the stages in PlayStation All-Stars, and the Minecraft guy isn't supposed to be a guy or a girl, says Notch. Come on man!

In Short These Sure Look Like The Stages You'll See In PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale It's Settled — No Yellow Card If You Curse At FIFA's Referee Minecraft Guy Isn't Supposed To Be A Guy Or A Girl Says Games Creator Indie Game Exhibition Lunarcade Coming To Sydney This August Watch This Incredible My Little Pony Beat 'Em Up In Action


    People can watch whatever they damn well please. (Says the guy who watched and loved Enchanted on Saturday night. :P)

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