Whoah, Someone Actually Got A Tattoo Like Mass Effect's Jack

For tonight's "I can't believe someone actually did this but it's kinda great that they did" item, witness this lady, who covered her back in a tattoo normally only found on Jack, a tattoo-covered star of Mass Effects 2 & 3.

While it's not a replica of Jack's own back in the game - this piece is actually found on the game model's arm - it still looks great. It's also got the bonus of looking like an actual tattoo, and not the walls of a children's play area at the mall.

Okay finally have a decent picture of my new mass effect tattoo [strivingforhonestbones]


    I like Jack as a character. I like tattoos. I like tattoos on women. I DON'T like Jack's tattoos at all, I've got to say. :P

    As long as she's happy with it its all good

      True enough.

        But will she be happy in 20 years when its all stretched out and faded, if She hasn't had hours of painful laser surgery by then.

          Everyone always says this about tattoos, but when you're old and saggy, I don't think you'd care quite as much about how attractive you are/aren't as you do now. I don't think they'd be like "oh man, I can't wear a bikini with these stretched and faded tattoos, people will think I'm ugly". Rather, they're be like memorabilia, proof you had a really fun, uninhibited time in your youth.

          So yeah, I'm not old and I don't have tattoos, but I'd say she'll probably be happy by the time these tattoos begin to look stretched and faded because she actually got them, instead of worrying what society'll think of you when you're old.

    "Jack, a tattoo-covered star of Mass Effects 2 & 3"... NOT in my Mass Effect 3 ;)

    Almost anything can become mainstream these days - including self mutilation.

      Just be glad scarification hasn't become mainstream then. It's not for the squeamish.

      If you think this is mutilation then clearly you've never been on Mod Blog.

    Where are the rest of the tatts? If you're going to copy her, do it right.

    Where's the most important part? Meaning, the giant omega symbol?

    The difference between tattooed people and non tattooed is that tattooed people dont care if your not tattooed. Can your repressed little minds comprehend this?

    Tattooed people loose all credibility in my eyes.
    Job interview, two people have the skills for a job. The non-tattooed person would easily get it... unless it's in the public service - then it works in your favor.

      I don't know, Tom; what if the tattooed person knows the difference between the words 'loose' and 'lose' whereas the loud-mouthed, opinionated tool with no body-art does not? Personally, if I was interviewing people for work I'd be more interested in the applicants capacity to learn and think than how they opt to express themselves. (Incidentally, I would also go out of my way to avoid hiring anybody who thinks it's their place to decide what is and isn't OK to express ones self with.) The only reason employers have to be careful about the appearance of the people they hire for customer facing roles is because jackasses like you still exist as customers.

        couldn't have said it better myself, Agitator :)

        Thumbs up. I feel the same. I'm glad a left my job working for a games developer in Melbourne to take up tattooing full time. But if you're judging people on tattoos for a job interview, then you clearly shouldn't be in the position of hiring new staff for a position if they would be more qualified than a person without tattoos. What if you found out people had heaps of tattoos after they were hired, would you ask for them to be sacked?

      Well that's a shame. I have a number of tattoos and work as a consultant for numerous large businesses, none of the tattoos are visible in my work clothes and I don't go around parading them.
      I agree that if someone came into a job interview with tattoos down their arms and up their necks that it would have an impact on gaining the job. That said your comment is extremely generalized and implies tattoos of any kind make a person less likely to gain a job, which is BS. Also the joke about public service is also BS, I've worked for a number of public service departments and they're just as likely to frown upon things as private business, that is unless your entry level in which case who gives a....

      The tattoo is on her back... even if tattoos somehow affected how skilled a person is at their job (which they don't!), it's pretty unlikely they'd see her back anyway.

      Well someone's obviously employing them, because you have to be a pretty high-earner to afford ink these days.

    Credability you say? Are we still people in your godly eyes?

    I love how people say it will fade and stretch and wont look the same in years to come. If you take care of your body the tattoos will be fine. It's not the tattoo that ages but the skin. If people look at Lyle Tuttles tattoos, they look the same as they did when he had them 50 or 60 years ago

    This person is really disgusting then

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