Why Stressed-Out Final Fantasy Characters Probably Love Theatrhythm

Why Stressed-Out Final Fantasy Characters Probably Love Theatrhythm

Evan’s Note: Zac Gorman returns with another awesome motion cartoon, this time pointing out a curious tonal shift that Theatrhythm brings to established Final Fantasy characters.

When you think about it, the characters of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy games must be incredibly stressed. Their worlds get threatened by logic-defying threats and the games’ heroes have to embark on epic journeys that assemble crews of adventurers to save the world. And, if that wasn’t enough, they often find out secrets about themselves that create huge existential crises for them to deal with. How would on relieve all that tension? Hmm, how about hopping, skipping and dancing along? Seems to work for FFVI‘s Terra Branford. Suddenly all that rhythm gameplay doesn’t seem so silly, does it? You can read Jason Schreier’s review Theatrhythm coverage here.

Want to see more of Zac’s work? Head over to his personal blog and game-themed site Magical Game Time. If you’re feeling commercial, you can buy prints and shirts here. He’ll be back on Kotaku with a new comic same time next month!


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