Win! Walking Dead Season 2, Plus Walking Dead T-Shirt

Zombies. Every time I think I'm sick of them, someone finds a way to make me care. I might be sick of Zombies in my video games, but I genuinely enjoyed seeing them on my TV screen with the first season of The Walking Dead, and I'm quite looking forward to picking up where I left off with Season 2. It is for this reason that I'm considering entering this competition under my nom de plume, Mark Scrolls...

We have ten Walking Dead prize packs to give away, each featuring one Walking Dead Season 2 DVD and one Walking Dead t-shirt.

Want to win one of these prize packs? Well, entering is simple. I have a question and I want you to answer it in the most inventive/funny/awesome way possible. Best entries win.

If the zombie apocalypse started in Australia — where would it start and why?

Drop your entries in the comments below. Terms and Conditions can be found here, and we'll announce the winners next week.


    Canberra, if there was a god it would only ever start in Canberra.

      If there was a god there probably wouldn't be a zombie apocalypse in the first place. Unless it was an angry, vengeful god, I suppose.

      Also, Mark - don't call yourself Mark Scrolls unless you want to get yourself sued by Bethesda.

      I would start it in the Gold Coast on Schoolies Weekend.. Why Because there is nothing better than drunk underage Zombies who are trying to kill you while you go by your every day life....

      That or have them descend from the blue mountains in a wave of dead flesh falling down a hill

      id go for

      mount. isa..


    Centrelink, because we can get rid of the dole bludgers, but I'm sure they'd still claim the disability!

      Give this man a prize!

      You sir, should win all 10 prize packs to distribute as you see fit.

      This is very true. The outbreak has begun, but the zombies have mastered the ability to use telephones. They call the government department I work for and wail down the phone. 'Pensiiiooon', they moan, 'Health care caaaards' they mumble through a mashed up mouthful of Ice and goon. By the end of the every day I end up in the corner with a very small pistol pointed at my temple, but then I change my mind at the last minute and dash out of the office to triumphant music whilst awkwardly Kung Fu kicking zombies on my way to the helipad.

    West Queensland.

    One of the mining sites will dig a little too deep, unleashing an ancient horror that destroys all that it touches. The few that survive will walk the earth tirelessly, unable to rest, unable to die.

    Right up until the point that the mining companies realise that they can be used as a source of guilt-free slave labour. Then they're getting sent back down the mines.

    Tasmania (technically still Australia :P) They'd be completely overun and we wouldn't even know it 'till those zombies learned how to swim or catch a ferry.

    My house, because everybody in my family is currently sick and to anybody passing by they'd think that we already are zombies :P

    What? It hasn't already happened? Flinders St Melbourne post 8pm, week nights.
    I'm pretty good with my sonic screwdriver. I scare them with my little "laser" :)

    it would start out in WA, all those miners - We dont know what they're digging up!

    Monash University.
    The University has about 40,000 people.
    Combined with the number of large disease, bacterial, germ research/experiment laboratories and the number of hippie, green loving clueless uni students its just asking for a '28 Days Later' Rage virus break out scenario.

    Guf the ballarat internet cafe there all zombies in there already all world of warcraft zombie

    Allure offices: after a freak sleeping accident, Mark Serrels becomes zombiefied.
    People are suspect when he organises a meat in Melbourne, because we all know he hates Melbourne. But by then, it's too late.

    It has already started in East Nowra, I'm afraid. On doll day all the houso's sumble up mindlessly towards the Centrelink.

    All the cashed up bogans in WA should be called cashed up apple zombie bogans.

    "It saddens me to report that this zombie outbreak has been traced back to those un- christian queue jumping boat people."

    Tony Abbott future prime minister of Australia.
    (Not actually true but god damn do the voters love it)

    Level 4, 71 Macquarie St, Sydney.

    Mark Serrels arrives at work with a huge crate. He is visibly excited.
    "I found a place in China Town that is selling imported Pepsi Max. I got 500 cans for only $20!
    He cracks open a can, and a foul green gas escapes.
    "Yeah, I wouldn't drink that" says Luke.
    "What's the worst that can happen?" Mark replies as he takes a sip of the strange elixir.

    New Zealanders have spread over here like a zombie virus, every where you turn... a New Zealander! So not technically the country of Australia, but it's in the continent of australia.

    I'm not exactly sure how it will start but i'm sure it will either involve Ben Cousins, Matthew Newton or something that Brian Thompson has slept with.

      Whoops, i meant Craig Thompson

    If it happened? IF?

    Gold Coast 23 April 2001 - It was televised. You could watch the zombies deteriorate from the comfort of your own home.

    The outbreak was quelled in 2008 but come 13 August the dead will walk again. Kotaku help us all.

    The in-laws place. Oh, I thought you meant where I want it to start.
    Oh well, same answer. Walking dead breed the walking dead I guess.

    Uhm.. Christmas Island of course.. that's where all the illegal immigrants come from these days... a zombie is just another illegal immigrant with the same rights as everyone else after all.. they are just misunderstood!

    An accident occurred while performing Scientific Research on a Japanese whaling vessel in the Great Australian Bight. Radioactive Fukishima runoff was being injected into baby whales (only the ugly ones). During a wild storm one carcass ended up overboard. A few days later it drifted through Hells Gates, TAS and washed ashore. Locals (loathe to waste a good protein source) polished off the last of it at a celebratory beach BBQ. The local news reported the deaths as mercury poisoning. The next day...

    Well I tell you what, it definitely won't start in my secret underground laboratory, I assure you I am not messing with anything dangerous that will accidentally backfire and be released into the public, nope, completely safe. You know what? Forget I said anything.

    It's gotta be Tasmania.

    Viruses will be carried easily by the dense mixture of fog and wood smoke that blankets the north, and will spread quickly southward; as you can get from one end of the island to the other in three hours. Survivors will be forced to flee into the wilderness on the wild west coast, where communication to the outside world becomes difficult. Plus, everyone is related, so nobody will have any type of blood immunity!
    It's perfect!

    Realistically? Anywhere but Canberra. Zombies eat brains, so they'd avoid somewhere with no food.

    The crashed alien they have been experimenting on at Pine Gap since the 1950's has finally escaped, and is bitten by a dingo whilst wandering in the wilderness. The dingo then goes on to bite an outback tourist camping at night, and the combination of the alien/dingo DNA interacting with the human DNA creates a perfect storm of zombie goodness.

    Tasmania, as that's where the foreign fruit and veg gets imported 2 then re labeled as Aussie grown. So the infected items would be sent to all the major city's and and before you can say put a brain on the barbie BOOM zombie apocalypse

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