Win! Walking Dead Season 2, Plus Walking Dead T-Shirt

Zombies. Every time I think I'm sick of them, someone finds a way to make me care. I might be sick of Zombies in my video games, but I genuinely enjoyed seeing them on my TV screen with the first season of The Walking Dead, and I'm quite looking forward to picking up where I left off with Season 2. It is for this reason that I'm considering entering this competition under my nom de plume, Mark Scrolls...

We have ten Walking Dead prize packs to give away, each featuring one Walking Dead Season 2 DVD and one Walking Dead t-shirt.

Want to win one of these prize packs? Well, entering is simple. I have a question and I want you to answer it in the most inventive/funny/awesome way possible. Best entries win.

If the zombie apocalypse started in Australia — where would it start and why?

Drop your entries in the comments below. Terms and Conditions can be found here, and we'll announce the winners next week.


    Where better than Adelaide!?...
    It seems to be the butt of the other states jokes anyway, so why not the origin of a zombie infestation as well?...Half the people lurking around there seem like roamers/biters anyway.
    ps. I'm from Adelaide.

    It would begin at midnight January 1st at Sydney Harbour as fireworks explode into the dark night!
    The brigde, the Opera House and Harbour absolutely filled with humans squashed like sardines in one huge area with little option of escape. This would be the culmination of life humans experiences!
    Only a small army of zombies is required to "recruit" (and feast at the same time) start the zombpocalypse , as they gnaw their way into the crowds like kids diving into a pool hyper colors rubbers balls!
    The exponential growth of hordes of zombies will quickly spread with no real chances of Aussies surviving throughout the night, and even boat trying to sail away will only carry the viral attacks unto another state to spread the glorious dawn of the dead more fortuitously to the living!

    A new year befalls, the human species ceases...generations one zombies rises! All hail the hopping dead!

    I'd like to see it start in cronulla where they bash zombies to death for simply being different and not for the fact that they want to eat them.

    Having that refinery around the bay would make this all too easier...
    And not in a good way. :(

      I though Corio was already full of zombies?

    It would start in a snooty Melbourne cafe - no one will notice as there won't be a change in the moaning of those in their torn jeans coming from inside. Plus art-students are usually covered in red paint anyway, right?

    It would start in Cape York and work its way down the south east coast of Australia before spreading across the rest of the country. The hushed up zombie outbreak in America at the moment will spill over the country and they will rest on the sea floor before washing up on our coast.

    Julia Gillards office - because the brains there have deteriorated so much that any potential zombie supervirus will find that there is not much it has to do to completely zombify the host.

    Sydney...cause most outbreaks would occur in or near big major cities where they have hospitals and facilities that would manufacture antidots,vaccines as well

    Melbourne, because all of the hipsters would initially mistake the zombie virus for some sort of avant-garde performance art piece

    Sydney...cause most outbreaks would occur in or near big major cities where they have hospitals and facilities that would manufacture antidots,vaccines as well as the plague or disease..n there is a bigger population with plenty of guinea pigs to do trial sessions or new viruses n what have you

    Sydney...cause most outbreaks would occur in or near big major cities where they have hospitals and facilities that would manufacture antidots,vaccines as well as the plague or disease..n there is a bigger population with plenty of guinea pigs to do trial sessions or new viruses n what have you

    My underpants - god only knows what sort of viruses are constantly mutating down there

    I would start it in the Gold Coast on Schoolies Weekend.. Why Because there is nothing better than drunk underage Zombies who are trying to kill you while you go by your every day life….

    That or have them descend from the blue mountains in a wave of dead flesh falling down a hill

    The walking dead have just finished their tour of England and are soon to land in Pakistan. we need to stop them flying back to Australia before the curse spreads...

    Alice Springs. Because the zombies will 'spring' out of the area.

    Kirribilli House - because we all know gingers are gonna die first

    Moe, but it'd take about 3 years until it reached mainstream society, and even before people actually saw that they were Zombies, they would know to run because when you see a 16 year old girl shuffling at you and smoking a cigarette, a guy with a mullett and a flanalette shirt and about 6 guys with beerguts and full tracksuits approaching you, your run.

    The Zombie Apocalype has already begun; my girlfriend cooked for the first time in our new flat for the family on Sunday and I can assure you that I feel like one of the walking dead right now...

    Easy parliament house, this isn't a bad thing though as it will give us a chance to start a new abd better government... Abd also we get to kill some Gov Zombies with Gillard and Abbot the final bosses.

      And* IPhones and me struggle to produce an and without the b getting involved.

    The influenza virus is evolving and adapting to the vaccines and therefore this year people are more prone to catching the seasonal flu. Recently there has been a few deaths related to the influenza virus. The Zombie pandemic will likely start in Sydney as it is the most populated city in Australia with over 4,627,345 people. With more people the virus has more room to evolve faster . The new virus will cause high fever, delusions and finally "death"(As per the TV show).
    The dead shall rise!!!

    The Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney.

    I doubt the infection would originate in Australia so it would have to come from overseas. After zombifying people in large population centres the government would try and hush it up not wanting to cause a panic or affect stock markets. Some unscrupulous individuals, taking advantage of the confusion, would begin to harvest the organs and even some of the bodies of the "deceased". Sending these organs around the world to hospitals.

    You finally get that new kidney you needed, thinking it is from poor motorcycle rider, and you are blissfully unaware of the series of bribes and miss management that are soon going to have you waking from your surgery bed with an insatiable desire for human flesh.

      I just had to add this link as it confirms my theory.

    Perth. So we can have some actual excitement here for once.

    The Australian government, in partnership with the US of course, has a secret bio-weapons lab underneath Uluru. Some local Aboriginals accidently stumble into the lab after visiting ceremonial caves. They accidentally unleash a new form of ultra-weaponised rabies. The lab then proceeds to self destruct to destroy the outbreak. The lab explodes but because of large amounts of coal seam gas mining in the region, the explosion is huge. Uluru is obliterated and the virus survives and travels to all corners of the country in a massive red dust cloud as similar to last year. (:

    If it starts in Adelaide we probably won't know it's happening until it's too late, especially if it's the same weekend as the AFL 'Showdown' between Port and the Crows. The crowd at those games would be enough to make you think the ZomPoc happens twice a year already.

    Tassie might also be a spot for it to start when the government test their new weapons on us poor little Tasmanians all exposed on the Apple Isle. Luckily I already have my ZomPoc plan planned out. I can't disclose that sort of information here though in case my ideal spot is over run. It's not Tasman Island btw so don't bother going there.

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