Win! Walking Dead Season 2, Plus Walking Dead T-Shirt

Zombies. Every time I think I'm sick of them, someone finds a way to make me care. I might be sick of Zombies in my video games, but I genuinely enjoyed seeing them on my TV screen with the first season of The Walking Dead, and I'm quite looking forward to picking up where I left off with Season 2. It is for this reason that I'm considering entering this competition under my nom de plume, Mark Scrolls...

We have ten Walking Dead prize packs to give away, each featuring one Walking Dead Season 2 DVD and one Walking Dead t-shirt.

Want to win one of these prize packs? Well, entering is simple. I have a question and I want you to answer it in the most inventive/funny/awesome way possible. Best entries win.

If the zombie apocalypse started in Australia — where would it start and why?

Drop your entries in the comments below. Terms and Conditions can be found here, and we'll announce the winners next week.


    in my basement/lab if the next set of experements go right.

    ANSTO over Menai way, if there are going to be zombies, why can't they be radioactive :).

    Hopefully on the set of Australia's Got Talent, because you have to be brain dead to want to watch that show.

    I'm sorry, but due to your region settings, this Zombie outbreak has had the "Low Violence" option selected. Zombies will be replaced with fluffy bunnies, chasing, catching, flesh tearing and skin eating replaced with hugs and sing alongs..... this is done for YOUR protection, as even as an adult, you STILL can not be left to choose what YOU wish to see. Thank you, your government.

    Queensland would be the first zombie target. For it's where the bananas are bent , the pumpkin scones lament and Sir Joh’s legacy still indents.

    Try driving down Hindley Street in Adelaide at 4am, the zombies are there already!

    It has already started in Canberra. All the zombies are in Parliament House

    Canberra for sure....i knew there was something odd about those Pollies! (politicians)

    Have to be Tassy. What with the pollution caused by the wood chip industry over the decades and mass inbreeding its a zombie factory rearing to go

    Tamworth.. well there's a lot of Zombies floating around there during the music festival, so they would be well camouflaged!

    The auspocalypse I believe would most likely start in Sydney. With the densest concentration of people per square kilometre in Australia, roughly 2100 people, there is a ridiculously high degree of possible transference of viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases and infections between the highly dense population, let alone something more sinister, bitey, dead and hungry. This environment is well suited for the birthplace of the Australian zombpocalypse and is exacerbated by a comfortable temperature ranging between the medians of 22 and 13 degrees Celsius. Whilst being far from perfect for bacterial growth, it’s in the range of comfortable living temperature, therefore likely to in the range of comfortable not-living temperature.

    Sydney being the international hub for travelers in Australia has the highest influx of people from all corners of the globe. This mixed with the high density creates some fantastic opportunities for a well-meaning American or English zombie masquerading as a non-infected human to go to town of some tasty Aussie flesh thereby creating a new hybrid zombie. Zombaussies, still zombies, just a little less uptight about things.

    The built up nature of the great city creates a playground that is almost beckoning to be upheaved and turned in the apocalyptic playground of every resident evil, fallout, Urban Zombie fans dreams, let alone anyone who’s a fan of any zombie film with at least a toe in the city based landscape. Sydney has so many things to offer for the Auspocalypse, 33 hospitals, at least 8 gun shops in the CBD, several thousand cars that could be upturned for protection not to mention the traffic jams that so perfectly theme a nice skirmish of survivors vs. zombies. Add to this the sheer number of illegal weapons that still likely find a market, some shady people and Kings Cross. Bam! Mix in some good vantage points from tall buildings, Sydney Harbour Bridge, an operatic score to set the seriousness of the situation and you’re in zombie heaven.

    The waterways of Sydney however aren’t much of a blessing either in the event of a zombie munchfest. Whilst they give some protection, the true mindless nature of zombies poses a severe threat in that they’re already dead and therefore cannot drown. Whilst dexterity is beyond them (less they’re Michael Jacksons Thriller zombies which for all the shambling and trouble they have in the start of the clip have some smooth dance moves that a lot of the living cannot replicate) they can swim to a point. Anything more than a paddle is unlikely, what is more likely however is they’re innate sense of wanting to eat you and the fact that they’re a dead weight (ha) means they could simply shamble across the watery bed and then float to your ‘safe’ vessel. Ensure you throw the elderly in first. Old people zombies are a dead boring.

    Sydneysiders themselves claim they’re lovely people, as I’m sure doctors maintain that needles won’t hurt and actually believe it, but friendly or not, either way is not good. Friendly means the possibility of being accidentally social with Zombie George. First it’s a quick pint down the pub, next, dinner with the family and then it’s ‘dinner with the family’ BAM! You’re now a zombie. Be mean and negative, and you run the risk of pissing a zombie off who will then seek mindless vengeance on your slow lagging children. You notice that the dogs missing and the kids are more quiet than normal and then BAM! Your ankle biter has actually bitten your ankle. Welcome to the zombie family.

    All in all, Sydney with all its ‘protective’ water, and ‘safe’ international airports and hospitals is quite possibly the birthplace of our doom. I would say Perth but really, no one voluntarily goes that far and any shambling zombies are going to get a quarter of the way to Broome before giving up. SCIENCE!

    SYDNEY because it's so densely populated it would spread fast

    In Collingwood's Cheersquad would commence
    The zombie apocalypse offense
    The MCGs audience slow to recognize;
    Their toothless haggard stance
    As anything more than your average Collingwood fans
    Thus beginning a full-scale zombie colonize!

    The MCG on grand final day. It is full of zombies - no mental activity is happening just animal lust

    my university - I like to think we have brains here

    Geelong's the ideal place or has it already happened? Enough said.

    Why australia? Somewhere in Mexico.... "ay pablo a don da va amigo eh?" dont worry about it mane i jus gunna go check it out ok " pablo was creeping tords a strange vast crack in the middle of the desert near where he and many generations of pablos had lived and died "this shit stanks man what is it?" says pancho"i dont know man smells like dat freaking dog you brought home that pappa cut up and made for dinner man i didnt shit right for months man" "dam n u ate that man woah ahhh pancho help meeeee!" the ground hath shook and pablo was taken in by the black deep crack .... "m

    "I told you to stay away man ! my stomach hurts man uh i dont feel good oh man ay pablo you in ther man?" pancho curls up next to the mouth of a crack in the earth where pablo dissapeared.... "ay man if you can hear me man ima stay here but i dont feel so good man ".. And so it began as pancho awaited pablos return he went thro a transformation from alive to undead from there he stalks the desert in search of anything living that he can devoir and turn. The pandemic has begun it wont be long now mwahahahaha!!!!

    Hey it has already started hasn't it, in Nimbin!!! Most seem like Zombies there!!

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