With A Mario Marriage Proposal This Super, How Could He Say No?

With A Mario Marriage Proposal This Super, How Could He Say No?

“Will you be my player two?” More beautiful words between two gamers have never been spoken. Offbeat Bride tribesmaid Kaharaminttu raised the phrase to new levels of sweetness with this creative coin box proposal to her husband-to-be.

When Kaharaminttu’s “mancreature” told her that he felt it was silly that society always expected the man to propose, she knew what she had to do. After the better part of a year spent planning and acquiring a pair of lovely rings, she finally popped the question on Sunday. The nervous bride hopeful disguised her well-crafted surprise as an early birthday present for her beau, whose first reaction was to comment on its small size. As the adage goes, however, big things come in small packages.

When he opened it I could only manage to squeak out “Wanna get married?” and he looked at the box and then at me with a confused and surprised expression. Luckily, he responded “Yes!”… and then followed it up with a pout and “But I want to be player one!!”

Hey, if he wants to be Princess Peach, more power to him. My wife creature often calls me the girl of the relationship, and I’ve no problem with that as long as I get to keep the ponies.

I wish Kaharaminttu and her eventual husband a life filled with quality cooperative gameplay.

Will you be my Player Two?: How one Offbeat Bride proposed to her “mancreature” [Offbeat Bride]


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