Wow, The Ouya Console Is Tiny

Wow, The Ouya Console Is Tiny

Amidst all the talk of the fancy new Ouya console, and all its promise and possibilities, the more specific, physical aspects of the machine have gone largely unnoticed.

Which is weird, because the design of the console itself is the thing I find most interesting. Especially when you consider its size.

While looking at press images of the machine would understandably have you thinking it’s about the size of Nintendo’s old GameCube, the fact is the design team is thinking smaller. A lot smaller.

In a chat with Kotaku readers last week, Yves Béhar, the man responsible for designing the exterior of the machine, said “…our console is quite small, around the size of a Rubik’s cube, and so it will easily fit anywhere in a room, or be easy to throw in a backpack.”

While there’s no official size requirement for a Rubik’s Cube, most versions measure between 3-5 inches wide (and long, and deep…it’s a cube, after all).

So when Béhar says you could throw it in a bacpack, he’s not kidding.


    • Absolutely. The tech inside it would be able to fit inside a tablet. Flash drive (16gb? Cmon). Tegra chip? The biggest part will be the hdmi port!!!

      • Actually to some extent it possibly could. It is using a modified Tegra 3 and nvidia are helping them to get the most out of it. It may not be the best looking version or the smoothest but to some extent I would expect it to be able too.

  • I really hope that’s not the finalised controller design. Red circle button sloping down the side of the controller and not sitting flat like the other three face buttons. Uggh.

    • I’ve heard people complain about how the B button does this on an Xbox controller… but completely don’t understand why. The only difference seems to be a visual one to me, otherwise it presses the same as any other.

  • Why would anybody buy this?
    I can’t see what new it does that my phone or 3DS can’t.
    I also have a clip on buttons for my phone so not stuck with RUBBISH touch screen controls.

  • Surely they could just fit the innards of the console in the controller,as an added bonus that would make it legal in China as well.

  • I’d prefer if the console was flat like a DVD case than like a cube shaped. Good thing it’s so cheap I could mod it pretty easily.

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