Xbox Has Summer Of Arcade, And Now PlayStation Has These Games

From July 24 until August 27, Sony will showcase four new downloadable games for PlayStation 3 or Vita. They're not exactly exclusive, but at least three of them will probably be good (Sorry, multiplatform Expendables 2, we can't judge you yet, one way or the other.

The trailer above breaks it down. Buy a bunch of these games, and you'll get a discount. Papa & Yo and Sound Shapes are PlayStation exclusives; CS: Go will also be available on PC and Xbox 360.


    Well I was really keen on Papa & Yo and Sound Shapes, so might as well look to pick up another also

    Is CS:Go also going to be like portal 2 & we get a PC copy with the PS3 version?

    "Xbox Has Summer Of Arcade"
    While their arcade sim with hits of the 70s to now rots away, all because the companies wanted more cash by going it alone.

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