You Are Not Alone, Thomas

How did I miss this? Long time readers may remember an old LunchTimeWaster flash game by the name 'Thomas Was Alone'. I remember it purely because I fell in love with the simplicity of the design, and the intricacy of the puzzles. I thought it was an incredible game. Apparently a full blown, updated version of the game was being developed all this time. Now it's on sale and you can buy it. Nay, you should buy it. Because it looks amazing.

I feel like I should give you more information on the game itself.

On the game's website Thomas Was Alone claims to be a game about friendship, but it's really a game about puzzles. In Thomas was alone you control different characters simultaneously, and you must use and switch between these characters, utilising their unique capabilities to solve the puzzles.

Think of it as a 2D Portal Co-op without the co-op!

I'm pretty excited the game's creator Mike Bithell actually took the core concept of this game and fleshed it out. I can't wait to play it.


    Oh yeah, I do remember the original now! It was really one of the only lunchtimers I stuck with the whole way through too. Tres excite!

    Giant Bomb did a quick look of this game the other day.

    I was pretty impressed with it. Simple idea, executed rather well, with narration that sets a very nice tone. Definitely something I'll be picking up in the near future (as in after July).

    I was super keen, but I wasn't sure about the addition of the narration. Anybody played it and have an opinion on that?

      I played through the demo, and the narration is an excellent addition, it really adds to the game. There's now a direct link to the demo on the games webpage:

      It will be coming to Steam eventually, but there's no ETA on that currently.

    Do you have a link to the site where this can be purchased?

    Never mind this - I just saw one of the video links that comes up after you play this trailer - for a game called "Gunpoint" - looks incredible - do a story on that please!

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