You Can Now Sell Items For Real Money In Diablo III’s Auction House

You Can Now Sell Items For Real Money In Diablo III’s Auction House

Commodities are now available in the Diablo III real-money auction house. In an email to Kotaku (and on its official blog), Blizzard said as part of a patch released today that Diablo III‘s auction house will now let you buy and sell gems, dyes, crafting materials, blacksmithing plans and jeweller designs and training pages.

The patch will also fix various minor bugs.

“The ability to trade gold as a commodity is not yet available, but we hope to enable it in the near future,” Blizzard said. [“>Blizzard]


  • Apart from buying legendary items has anyone else had any luck with selling items on the RMAH?

    The whole concept kind of seems dead in the water.

    • Have a friend who was making a couple hundred a week flipping items on the RMAH for the first few weeks. Bought his new computer with the profits.

    • Think of it as a hobby, well for those who have a job and play D3 in their spare time, it just lets you sell stuff for a bit of extra cash. I mean who doesn’t like extra money on hand!

    • I do have a job.

      My job doesn’t allow me to kill demons, I just have to do what they say.

      • In D3 you have to play the way Blizzard have funnelled you into playing. Average day at work has more variation than the average week on D3.
        D3 has been a good source of entertainment, the sort of morbid enjoyment one derives from watching a car crash in slow motion. I have never had more buyers remorse for a game than I have with D3 and I bought Hellgate:London. Seriously.

  • Or sell crack it would be more profitable. Seriously selling gems for money isn’t going to bring the players back i have lost 20 of my friends because they are bored with the game already.

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