You Can Play Final Fantasy Creator's Next Game When It Lands In August

Wii action-role-playing game The Last Story will arrive on August 14, XSEED said today on its Twitter account.

Developed by Mistwalker in conjunction with marvellous AQL, The Last Story is the work of Hironobu Sakaguchi, best known as the moustachioed creator of Final Fantasy.

For more on The Last Story, check out my preview and the story behind how it made its way to Western shores.

XSEED Games [Twitter]


    Or I could play it right now because I'm not an American. \o/

      You know I thought about saying this when the article was first up but I didn't, glad to see I'm not the only one thinking it heh :)

      But will you play it right now? :P

        It's too wet to go out for lunch like I was planning, so I'll console myself with The Last Story when my son has his nap instead.

        Also, I get disappointed when I see these "next game from FF creator" stories and it's only talking about his previous game.

    I understand porting articles over from Kotaku US but seriously tailor them at least a little bit to us please. A little effort would be welcome.

    Do the Aussie staff even read these article?

    I saw this in JB Hifi just yesterday... hence the confusion!

      You are able to purchase it and take it home but its on the assumption that you wont open it until August.

      What happens if they come to your house and see that its open? How would you explain that?

    But I've already played The Last Story. It's fantastic.

    To those above:

    We get it. Now tell us more about the game.

      It's good but not THAT good. Xenoblade is better :P

        Yeah Xenoblade is much better but Last Story is still a decent game.

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