You Must See These Stunning Photos Of Game Of Thrones Set In Minecraft


    That is the first truly mind blowing thing I have ever seen from Minecraft... Bravo!

      Couldn't agree more!

    These images look amazing, but I want to know how much of it is bullshots. For one, as far as I know, you can't have reflective water shaders and dynamic shadows shaders, and they seem to have both. The images also have colour correction, depth of field blur (part of the shadow shaders but this one looks much different) and a bunch of other things going on.

    Not saying it's fake! Just that the images are a bit misleading to the point that if they didn't have the videos I would almost say they are just 3D renders.

    So, where do we download this map/s from?

      The reflective water shader is actually a mod

      Oh, no, I doubt these images would look like this IN Minecraft.
      Not sure, but I think there's some external software that takes the data of what was built in a map and renders it with different effects.

        It has all the effects because he probably has the Ultimate Shaders mod for minecraft on to make the shots look pretty, because the mod adds all the depth of field and dynamic shadows and reflective water.

      You can actually achieve these effects using certain mods, namely Optifine, SLGL, Night, etc....

      Durr, you people, I know the SHADER MODS are mods. >reflective water shaders and >dynamic shadows shaders, were both refering to the SHADER MODS. I also said the depth of field was part of the "shadow shaders" but that it still looked much different.

        So... You've never seen the mods they're running, so you decide to call BS?

          Does your name mean "Blood Drinker" in Sauurian?...

          did he not say "Not saying it’s fake! Just that the images are a bit misleading"

          I don't really know what part of my posts you people don't get. I didn't say I had never heard of them. I actually use Sonic Ethers unbelievable shader mod. My point was, from the very beginning, is that you can't (as of 3 months ago) use dynamic shadow shader mods with the reflective water shader mod. How could I have "never seen then" before and still mention them in my original post? As I just said above the two shader mods were mutually exclusive as of a few months ago, and the screen shots obviously have a lot other other post processing effects.

          My conclusion was that yes they built the stuff in Minecraft, but they have obviously done a lot of image/video editing to them, even if they are using shader mods. To me that makes them incredibly less impressive (even if they are visually great). My reasoning for this is that people have done crazy thing with Minecraft-esque 3D modelling and after effects, but if you can't produce that look in Minecraft via actual gameplay then it is a bullshot.

            The confusion stems from your writing. If you had said "You can't have water shaders and dynamic shadows simultaneously", it would have been clear.

            "You can't have turkeys and monkeys in MineCraft, and they seem to have both." makes only a weak implication that turkeys and monkeys are mutually exclusive and a strong implication that neither one is available. Since you implied that numerous shaders (besides one for DOF) weren't possible, that's how people responded.

      It's a mod, so it would look like this in-game.

    This is certainly some impressive work

    These are absolutely amazing!

    But, WOAH, talk about wayyyyyyy too much free time! haha

    obviously fake

      They probably have used a HD 512+x512+ texture pack and filter plugins available to everyone to produce these stunning in-game screen shots.
      But even if they photoshopped the blur in, can you really deny that the end result is nothing short of majestic?

      I belive you are being a dick just for the sake of being a dick

      Maybe enhanced, but there's YouTube videos of the making of these IN Minecraft - so no, not fake.

        link plz.

    Extremely impressive.

    I wish I had the time/patience/creativity to create something as awesome as that in Minecraft.... all I do is waste my time running around underground digging tunnels and exploring caves :)

    You'd be able to have it look like that, you just need to install some HD Texture and custom shader mods. I think I have the same custom shaders on my copy at the moment, actually.

    Ok Seeds please must spend hour exploring these

    I don't care if they're Photoshopped or done in-game with mods, these shots are amazing.

    There's some serious creativity, work and artistic ability gone in to this.


    ASSUMPTION: Mojang must have discretely thrown in an EULA somewhere that gives them ownership of all user created content....

    REASONING: It sure looks as though they'd have enough content for the next 3 millenniums... case nobody got it, im not being entirely serious right now :)

    Great googly moogly!

    Wow nothing from Minecraft has stood out as stunning to me for awhile but this take the cake. Awesome as I just finished A Feast For Crows last night, this gives you some good imagination material.

    I'd really like to know though the list of mods/texture they're running to get Minecraft so pretty.

    Impressive, most impressive.

    I was so wrong. I thought it would be Plunkett who'd repost this from Reddit.

    Very cool. I like that you can tell pretty much right away what they're representing - King's Landing, Bravos, The Eyrie ... I'm stuck well into A Song Of Ice And Fire at the moment and I'm seriously impressed by the work on display here.

    Wow, just amazing

    Wow! It looks very impressive. I'm guessing it was made in minecraft, exported, then rendered by a 3D program?

    WOW at first i thought the first picture was MYST lol.
    peoples skills in minecraft are amazing

    I love how the models are actually book-accurate, instead of relying on the show's depictions eg. Winterfell having two large granite walls with a moat etc.

    Guys, it's a LIVE server that you're all free to visit and check out. You can watch the builders BUILD this stuff in REAL TIME.
    There is an official Texture Pack for the server on their website. And of course, the screenshots were taken using Shader Mods. How do I know? Because I've been on the server for a very long time, and I've watched all of this stuff get built. The team responsible for this are in the middle of porting it all across to a new Map, with better terrain, and a much larger scale, so that they can create a more believable world. As it stands right now, walking on foot from the Wall to Kings Landing takes about 3 hours real time.


    That will run like a slideshow even on a supercomputer. Come on guys bring the next incarnation of minecraft soon!!!

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