You Need This Mario Homage For Your New Phone Background Art

Illustrator Marques Cannon has a blog full of nerd-themed art. But the Mario Kart inspired image (close-up above) originally drawn for a magazine has to be the best.

Cannon's also got Donkey Kong and Crash Bandicoot both feeling a little out of their element, if Mario's not your style. And if you needed to see one of the creepiest-yet-funny Lionel Richie and Star Wars mashups you can imagine, well, there's that too.



    I'm sorry, I just cannot understand the fascination with Mario characters for anybody over the age of 9. Same with My Little Pony for anyone not female or over the same age above.

      Yep, only big burly men with shaved heads for me.

      Don't be sorry, just try harder

      AissieSniper has pictures of naked men as his wallpaper. He's hardcore.

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