You Should Try The New Game From The Angry Birds People

Do you like feeling smart? Do you like feeling lucky? Angry Birds lets you feel both at the same time. And so does Amazing Alex, the new game from Finnish Angry Birds studio Rovio.

This too is a physics game. This too could have been designed by Rube Goldberg. And this too is good. We shot of a video of it. I explain the ins and outs of the game there. It's just a buck. You may have played games like it before (Angry Birds, even, or The Incredible Machine), but the polish alone is worth the price. And the levels are devious almost from the start. It's a good challenge Recommended.

Tip: On iPhone, which is what I played it on, it's best if you're logged in to Game centre so you load the puzzle solutions that worked for your friends. Admire their creativity. Laugh at their banality.

Amazing Alex [$0.99, iTunes]

Amazing Alex [$0.99, Android]


    Appeared to be a no brainer so I skipped it.

    So first they rip off Crash The Castle, now they're ripping off The Incredible Machine and slapping a kid on it?


    Umm.. didn't they buy out the creators of Casey's Contraptions and just rename it? Shouldn't games journalists know this?

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