Your Friends, The Video Game Systems

We spend a lot of time with our video game devices, so it's easy to start to think of them as family members.

Sometimes they are friends, sometimes they fight. Sometimes they're happy, sometimes they're sad. Sometimes they talk to us. It's not weird! It's normal! NORMAL I SAY.

This terrific illustration by DeviantARTist Ry-Spirit captures that family in all its glory. The Move controller looks might pleased with itself considering the fact that literally no one uses it for anything.

For more, check out Ry-Spirit's DeviantART page.


    Is the Dreamcast crying?

      Yes and I think the PS-Vita is about to do something illegal.

    And the 360 is red ringing and looks sick - so cute!

    @ D.C. So true..... the Dreamcast is crying.... so sad.... it knew it'll be the last SEGA console; and wouldn't have a legacy to make more friends.....

    I don't know what makes me feel older, that I remember playing on all of these systems, except the Vita because fuck you
    or that I know my, as yet non existent, kids won't know what any of these systems are

    PSone + LCD! I had one of those! Great picture by the way.

    Great picture, but how do I get the full resolution for my wallpaper?

    Looks like the wii is about to play with Mr 360s red ring....judgin by 360s expression, he already has...

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