Zelda Question On Jeopardy Leaves Contestants In Need Of A Hero

So, apparently today there was a pretty specific Zelda question on Jeopardy. Reader Corey sent us this pic, and says that the three contestants all took a guess and got it wrong, though one at least guessed "harp", which is...close? It's a fantasy instrument, and Link wears tights, so...yeah.

Scoff all you want (and I will, because "some reason"? THERE WAS A REASON!), but unless the category was "Nintendo Video Game Instruments" that's a pretty obscure question for the average person on the street.


    Actually, last I checked the ocarina is a real instrument. One that has been around for a very long time. Maybe check Wikipedia next time you make claims something isn't real?

      Where does he say it isn't real? He says the harp is a fantasy instrument, so assumedly he means 'instruments that commonly appear in fantasy settings'.

        How is the 'Harp' a fantasy instrument ?

        Hes off the mark.

          Missing the point Noel's making buddy...

    What reason? The Ocarina of Time could have been any instrument and still fulfilled the same function and Ocarinas were hardly iconic to the series at that time. The Legend of Zelda, Adventure of Link and A Link to the Past all featured flutes and not Ocarinas. The only other game that specifically used an Ocarina prior to OoT's release was Link's Awakening.

      The reason its in the SUBTITLE is because its the instrument used in the game. A central point of the game one might say.
      "For some reason" would have been valid wording had the game been called "Some Object Irrelevant to the Game" .
      Thats like saying that for some reason, the game is called "Zelda". It could have been ANY girls name.

      Now that you mention it, Ocarina of Time sounds like a hell of a better title than Flute of Time.

      It was an ocarina in A Link to the Past.

      I would note, though, that the ALTTP flute sprite is actually an Ocarina - it looks almost exactly the same as the Ocarina of Time, in fact.

    I like how Jeopardy has really thrown out all pretense of "figure out the answer from the question", and just use it's format to make it unique from the fifty other game shaows on TV by penalising you if you forget to add "What is" before your answer.

    Harps and ocarinas are not fantasy instruments.

    lol Luke got owned this time.

    Well, a harp is also close because Sheik played a lute which is somewhat related to the harp family.

      Actually, she played a Lyre. A lute is more like a small guitar/violin hybrid.

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