100 Of Cinema's Most Maniacal Laughs Gets Your Monday Off To A Great Start

The clip's title, "100 Greatest Maniacal Movie Laughs", pretty much sums it up. What's intended as creepy, unsettling or even mildly terrifying in a movie becomes one hell of a gag when they're all played back-to-back.

100 Greatest Maniacal Movie Laughs [honsco]


    "Off to a great start".... posted at 6 pm :s

    2 things
    1 - I'm slightly disturbed by the amount of kids films (specifically Disney made) that are on this list
    2 - No Mark Hamell Joker... Fail! (Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker counts as a movie)

    Good to see Bruce Campbell a few times

    2:51 is the best.

    Wouldn't call the 5th Element one an maniacal laugh, more like a so scared it's funny laugh.
    Loved the trippy Zoolander one at 4.27.

    Jafar and the guy from the Princess Bride ftw.

    Wow no Vincent Price?! Greatest evil laugh of all time.
    Also woody wood pecker? :)

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