11 Great Video Game Wedding Invitations

We're sure that the requests for attendance that you've gotten in the mail have been pretty swank, but the invitations we've gathered here offer up awesome video game homages sometimes in playable form. Click on through for paper — and sometimes playable — invites that show off various couples' true love foor each other and for video games.

Let's hope there was lemonade — not the combustible kind — at the wedding affiliated with this Portal invite (via Offbeat Bride)

Here's a wedding invite in the form of a playable RPG, complete with hangover headache demons. (via When Geeks Wed)

This illustration turns one engaged couple into Samus Aran and Nate Spencer. Metroid + Bionic Commando = sci-fi ceremony. (via Reddit Gaming)

These Sega Genesis cartridge mailings deserve extra credit for all the work that went into creating some Super Wedding Fighter II: Turbo Championship Edition invites (via RacketBoy)

Love how the HUD gets used for the date/year/time info in this Space Invaders invite (via Offbeat Bride)

It's not just matrimony being heralded on this retro Nintendo invite. It's Super Matrimony! (via Reddit Gaming)

This 8 Bit invite pops the question in binary code (via Oddee)

Another Portal-themed invite puts both the bride and groom into Aperture Science's famous orange jumpsuits. GLaDOS probaby wouldn't be a great maid-of-honor. (via GeekOSystem)

Darina and Niko's Incredible Adventure is a playable platformer invite where you can control the bride or groom.

Here's a Tetris invite that gets interactive without the use of batteries. Good job, long skinny block! (via Offbeat Bride)


Sure, World of Warcraft never appeared on the NES but these sharp-looking Nintendo cart invites make you wish it had. (via 72pins)


    Damn that Super Matrimony one was good. Especially the 'Game Over' bit.

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