1313 Will Take You Down To Star Wars Hell

It's always pretty clean and well-lit in Star Wars movies, isn't it? Even a place as wretched as the Mos Eisley cantina seems like it wouldn't have a problem passing a health code inspection. So, where does all the dirt go in the Skywalker-verse? Apparently, it's all going into Star Wars 1313.

The video above has developers from LucasArts talking about all the work going into the upcoming game to make it feel like the dankest, dirtiest section of the galaxy, a place where Jedi don't belong. One guy even says they're riffing on Dante's Inferno. The production art shown in the clip looks lovely in a very grim way. And, there's a poor droid who's had his head cut off and guts set on hire. Hopefully, players will get the chance to avenge him.


    links broken

    I hope it dosent cost the poor robot too much to hire his own guts!

    So it's kinda like an underhive from 40K then?

    WTB DLC: Jedi missions, where you are forced (HAH) to hide your powers and abilities as much as possible, lest you bring the entire 'city' down on your head.
    ...Including killing witnesses. It'd be like trying to maintain light-side points as an undercover cop, but not get made!

    Honestly the game looks pretty great. I cringe a bit about approach to gameplay, but not because it doesn't work, instead because it is starting to wear a little thin. think WW2 shooters and zombie survival, they can still work but these days, people are a little apprehensive about getting excited about them.

    I think the idea of trying to give 1313 a character unto itself is a great idea for introducing a new visual to people and I believe that done correctly it could really work out well providing that you can do some free world exploring, too many games show you tons of cool shit that you can't actually visit and this puts a damper on peoples immersion into the game world and for something as iconic as the Star Wars franchise, exploration is what people want and if you take that away from them you not only alienate them, but you also ruin your own chance at making an impression on people that nobody before has had the opportunity to.

    I am convinced that the game will ultimately come down to character/story as we can pretty much tell that the gameplay is not likely to break into any new ground. If they can shy somewhat away from the stereotypes and cliches we expect from Star Wars then it should be a solid experience.

    Ooo can't wait to experience the rehashing of the SW universe.. again.

    The great recycled alien chatter from SW IV-VI because hearing chibbi-chabba-wahnga 50 times doesn't get annoying at all; the same aliens (fat slug thing, wasp head thing, 3 eyed guy). And if the last decade or so of mediocre SW games (5ish exceptions) is anything to go by, the story is likely to disappoint.

    Well at least they've copied the Uncharterd style of gameplay which might work in this style of game.

    2:57...xbox controller...it'll be on next gen

      Actually, most console games are developed on PC's first - you can use a console controller with a PC. It will be current gen - the graphics we are seeing are for the PC version, and the console versons will be toned down

    Star Wars, clean? Perhaps in the new trilogy, but the original trilogy was one of the first sci-fi movies to introduce dirt and grit to the typically stark, sterile futuristic setting, making the world seem much more realistic and lived-in.

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