2012’s Best RTS (So Far) Is Already Getting A Sequel

2012’s Best RTS (So Far) Is Already Getting A Sequel
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Wargame: European Escalation, released on PC earlier this year, was great. Developed by the team behind RUSE, and very much in the spirit of the just-as-excellent World in Conflict, W:EE took us back to the Cold War with a gorgeous, intimate look at fictional tussle between NATO and the Soviet Bloc.

Next year, it’ll be getting a sequel, called…Wargame: AirLand Battle. I know, I know. They’re European, let’s give ’em a break. Adding new factions and new units – with an emphasis on aircraft, with 150 new planes in the sky – it shifts the focus of the war away from Germany and towards Scandinavia.

It’ll be out on PC sometime in 2013.


  • I got Wargame: European Escalation thinking it was going to be the best after reading all the top reviews, but lets face it the multiplayer was a big let down. The problem with games that get to this scale is they make everything to simple, rock, paper scissors RTS’s are boring.

    Hopefully they learn from their mistakes and fix the problem or the game will have no community again.

    • I’d beg to differ the multiplayer scene i find to be generally very hospitable and competitive, whilst it will depend on whose in game with you as with everything , but even then you can have some fun.
      Also I’d argue that you are over simplifying things say things are simplified…. XD
      Sure each vehicle has its counter but this occurs in varying degrees of effectiveness and in varying solutions for aa they can either be missile, cannon or even MG aa not just one scissor. even then the cannon aa can be employed against ground targets helping the to rout in what can be a very useful manner.
      I think that if you are finding this to be a rock, paper, scissor RTS then you appear to be doing something rather wrong. I would seriously recommend trying this game again. Particularly since the most recent patch improved/mad more realistic things in game.

  • Well the vid isn’t too realistic… Those Hinds wouldn’t have kept flying so near the tanks, they’d have stood off and launched anti-tank missiles instead of all their rockets. And they’d have employed jamming and launched flares against the Eagles… Eh, I’d just rather see a game promo vid where the non-US side wins for once instead of being the designated pinata.

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