5 Networked Computers, 6 Players, One Hell Of A Starship Simulator

Long have I dreamed of sitting in the captain's chair of a Federation Starship, a talented (and likely very attractive) crew at my beck and call, ready to power up the warp drive and take us into battle. It's not just because my name is Kirk — it's because the bridge of a starship is an awesome place to be.

This video, featuring Revision3's Anthony Carboni and some of our friends from sister-site io9, shows what happens with a bunch of capable nerds network their computers and play a game of Artemis, a fully-fledged starship bridge simulator.

I was supposed to go play this game last night but I didn't have time, and now they've taken the setup down. I may never forgive myself. It's not as depressing as what has happened to the last real-life version of the set, but it's close.


    Personally, I've always wanted to see a multi-person sim of a 'Hellburner' from C J Cherryh's novel of the same name. That would be cool.

    This sort of thing looks freaking amazing. I reckon Kotaku AU should get behind organising local player groups...

    Anybody for the the USS Perth?

      Haha, now thats an awesome idea.

        Sure, I already bought the full edition.

    That looks like a hell of a lot of fun!

    We're having an event using this game at my uni, people get into teams to play, should be a lot of fun.

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