7 Must-Watch Minutes Of Remember Me, Capcom's Very Cool, "New" Sci-Fi Game

At first it looks like Assassin's Creed, but it's futuristic, stars a lady and... wow, this game looks cool and goes places AC has never gone. Seven minutes of footage, mostly stealth and platforming, as our heroine tries to trick her target into killing himself. You've seen it before, until the part where you're playing in your target's memories. This is a must-watch.

The footage is coming straight out of Gamescom 2012, where the game is re-debuting (it used to be called Adrift).

Put this one on your watch list. It looks terrific. It will be out in May 2013.


    How much DLC has been announced already?

      Capcom doesnt announce DLC early. They just slip in Day One DLC into the discs and probably remove some stuff on other platform but still inside the disc. lol

        You mean they'll give me the opportunity to have MORE of the game if I like it RIGHT AWAY? Those bastards.

    Very cool! Definitely going to keep my eyes on this.

    so wheres the actual gameplay

    Looks cool, apart from the nappy the main character was wearing.

    For some reason this isn't appealing to me.
    I think it's something to do with the character design and voice acting.

    I'll watch the full trailer when I get home and can watch it with sound. Glancing at it though, it looks cool. Also, female protagonist, that's a nice change of pace.

    Dues Ex/Assassins Creed ..with mind control

      Wow, this was my exact thought lol. Aside from the mind control thing, its not all that original. Looks worth playing though .

    Wow, looks pretty neat to me! The only thing I'm not sold on is the time-rewinding mechanic - it looks a little random, kind of like arbitrarily choosing things from a list which may or may not lead to a workable solution. But I've often though this setting is where Assassin's Creed will end; perhaps Capcom thought so too and are jumping in first. I also keep vainly hoping that Uncharted ends up open world - the platforming in this is very reminiscent of Drake, so maybe this will fill the gap.
    I'm certainly liking the look of this.

    Looks very cool.
    Especially like that you need to manipulate small things in someones memory to make them do something else, rather than controlling them directly.

    Will look out for this.

    Looks very cool, hope it's got some more originality than just the memory aspect and its not just an AC/Deus Ex clone with a gimmick. I couldn't help but notice the memory game was kinda basic for all its cool factor, I hope the memory games are a little more complex than just 'trial and error everything'.

    I like the setting and I’m all for a DeusEx/AC game, but not that interested in the memory control thing. It’s well presented but would be fine as a replacement for the Deus Ex hacking mini-game, I still wanna stab dudes. The parkour stuff doesn’t look that fluid yet either.

    It looks super linear, sadly. Maybe if they show more possibilities to manipulating the memories that'll make it interesting. I found this a very sad mission, actually. Almost Romeo and Juliette but without the gravitas.

      Surely you mean Juliet?
      Yeah, I'm going to be that guy..........

    Assassin's Creed meets Inception in a sci-fi environment? Hell yes!

    intriguing. This is far closer to actual scifi than all those run and gun shooters out there. I wonder if the designers were inspired by Ian M Banks' Culture agents? Very Culture, even the suitcase that follows the girlfriend (though of course I'm sure that suitcase can't fly and take out a small army).

    While a mix between Assassin's Creed and Inception sounds great, I'd really like to see the kind of depth that Inception hinted. Defence layers within peoples' minds, in depth stories, more than just superficial gimmicks or repetitive mechanics. That's the issue that AC still struggles with in virtually every area.

    I think the way they've handled the memory remix is really cool and original, rather than just taking control of the guy and shooting the girl, you setup things and see what alternate ways the event could go.

    It would need a sense of urgency though, if you could kep continually replaying and tweaking different things it would be impossible for you to fail, maybe they'll have a time limit or a set number of tries before the victim gets suspicious and realises they're being toyed with?

    Looks awesome, hope they pull it off and there is a deeper memory aspect than seen here. some good puzzles would be nice

    Her: "You want me to kill him?" Aghast expression.
    Him: "No, I want you to make him kill himself"
    Her: "Oh ok, thats's fine, no moral conflicts there.."

    That said, it looks like an interesting take on scenario manipulation, with the possibility of a variety of outcomes. I just hope the devs don't get lazy/pushed for time and narrow it to single outcomes, which would kill any re-playability.

    On a (possibly too) serious note, do we really need to see another domestic incident where a man kills his wife ?
    I appreciate it is 'manipulated' memory, required to get him to top himself, but I still find it distasteful and unnecessary.
    Given gaming is currently in the spotlight as being an apparent den of misogyny, you just know the media are going to salivate over the conclusions they can jump to.

    Or am I missing the point, and that clip is specifically designed to create furore, to get more attention on the game ?

    I'm super late to the party (linked here from another story), but I think you may have missed the point. Not only does the guy not actually kill his wife, but thinking he did makes him so despondent that he takes his own life.

    On the topic of the game, I don't get why everyone is so excited about a QTE that you HAVE to play multiple times to win...

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