75% Off Just Cause 2 On Steam Until August 28

Steam had its "summer" sale not long ago, but hopefully you have a few dollars left to spare for the excellent open-world shooter Just Cause 2, which is currently a measly $US5 on the digital distribution service for the rest of the weekend.

All of the game's downloadable content is also on-sale, with prices ranging from $US0.24 to $US0.49. If you're keen on nabbing the official strategy guide from Prima, that's also 75 per cent off, but I imagine most can manage without it.

There was a similar sale back in February, so if you missed out then, here's your chance.

Just Cause 2 [Steam]


    There wasn't a potentially awesome multiplayer mod back then though!

      yeah but dosnt mean the people who bought cant just dl the mod :P

        Well, now people who didn't buy it before can too.

      Picked it up just because of the multi mod :D

        Same here, gonna be awesome online

    Ps3 version Free for psplus members at the moment


        Is there an awesome multiplayer mod in development for that version? NOPE!

          Fair enough. Knowing this I will now not play the Ps3 version I downloaded as part of my subscription. Instead I will purchase a copy for PC - muck about with the code by installing the mod and ignore the inferior version on my Ps3. Once again thankyou for berating my post informing others of the PSPLUS benefit.

    Any reason Kotaku never run an article like this when Green Man Gaming have a sale?

      Check Cheapskate Gamer posted every week or so, they usually include best deals that are available during the week.

        Yes, but theres no "hey look game X is $$ on GMG" article such as these Steam ones. Kickbacks I guess.

          Well I don't think Logan is sponsored, endorsed, employed or having a gun held to his head by Valve. I think he might be going off what he has seen on the net. It's a possibility he doesn't go to Green Man Gaming, there's also a good chance no one tipped him or Mark off of the sales happening. I know Luke over at Gizmodo was not aware of the buy 1 get 1 free Toshiba laptops at Harvey Norman this weekend until I pointed it out on Twitter yesterday.

            yeh gmg skyrim dlc dawngaurd only $16 with promotion code

    This has been on sale for $5 more times than I have read low quality 'articles' on Kotaku

      That's actually rather complimentary of Kotaku.

    I recommend grabbing the DLC for this one while it's cheap. Rico's gun and the Bull's Eye rifle are surprisingly useful to fill gaps in the game's regular loadout without being overpowered, and the rest of the stuff is just crazy fun; eg.
    Monster truck with grenade launcher, jet booster for the parachute, propulsion gun which sends enemies spiraling into the sky ala Team Rocket...
    For a little over $2 I highly recommend prioritising the DLC over the strategy guide.

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