A Fantasy Game Where Your Actual Voice Is Your Only Friend

While Kinect developers struggle to wrangle a decent non-dancing game experience out of Microsoft's peripheral, indie PC studio Indomitus Games are working on a PC game where you need a microphone. Because your voice will be the only way you can get stuff done.

In Verbis Virtus is an upcoming fantasy title where you play as some kind of magician, and to cast the spells required to overcome puzzles you need to actually say the words.

Which might get tiring depending on the variety of spells, but I'm going to remain optimistic, because the trailer above looks pretty good!

If you want to try it out now, there's a demo available on Indomitus' site.

In Verbis Virtus [Indomitus, via IndieGames]


    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      So this is a simulator for the author.

    This is sort of what I've always wanted for a Harry Potter game - lots of spells, all available through the microphone.

    If it works well, I'll be interested in the future of Kinect.

      Dude, it totally says it's for PC.

    aussie accent update coming 2014

    Until there's a language option for Latin, this game probably won't feel right.

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