A Fresh Look At The Half-Life Remake

We've been waiting for Black Mesa for a long, loooong while now — the hugely ambitious fan-made mod has an uncertain fate, but eight years after beginning work, the team is still working on the game.

The folks behind Black Mesa have released these images to Facebook to coincide with a new interview over at Polygon, where project leader Carlos Montero once again talks about the long, agonising process of making the mod/game/thing.

Check out these screens — it's still not entirely clear how well the game actually works (particularly based on the gameplay footage that surfaced a little while back), but it sure is fun to see scenes from Half-Life looking so purdy:


    I'm really looking forward to this as somebody who finished Half Life 2 twice + episodes and loved it, but hasn't played much of the first one. Yeah, yeah, I know, but I've waited this long, I can wait another couple of years/decades!

      Even with the shonky visuals, Half Life will stand up admirably. I highly recommend you check it out! Playing Black Mesa will be like a whole new experience - and surely you want to contextualize Half Life 2 ...

        I have my own crazy background stories for all of the characters. Would be a bit of a shame to ruin them, really.

        (I have actually tinkered with getting it running on OSX with a high def pack... but like I said, I've waited this long already, so a bit longer probably wouldn't kill me)

    I just hope they fix the absolutely horrendous voice acting that was seen in the preview. Otherwise I am super Keen.

      Same here. Been looking forward to this for years, but the voice acting punctured a good chunk of my enthusiasm.

    how about they just shut the fuck up until they finish it.

    I curse the day I found out about Black Mesa, the rumours and the never ending development hell. Sometimes I wish they had just kept their mouths shut and only opened them when it was ready. Like DayZ - didn't hear anything about it until it was playable and public. Couldn't they have followed that model?

      Then they probably would have just died away - this has gone through a lot of staff - main reason for issues is that the people they give jobs to - work really really hard the first few weeks - then "real life" gets in the way - suddenly they are CBF'd doing it months later - so they need to find someone to replace that person - with standard screening.

    Personally I'm looking forward to their HL2 remake on the next source engine, i might be in the grave before it comes out, but a man can dream.

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