A Game Where You Do Nothing But Design And Build Starships

Is this a dream? Am I lying in a coma somewhere imagining this is the trailer to a game I fantasised about throughout my childhood?

No! It's Starship Corporation, a game where the design of big spaceships (and "planetary installations") isn't just something tacked on, it's what the entire game is about.

Players are tasked with designing the floorplans and systems of a ship, then testing it out under a variety of combat and non-combat situations, before finally being able to sell and buy creations to help fund your, well, Starship Corporation.

You can check out a long, and very informative trailer above, and check out more on the game below.

Starship Corporation [Official Site]


    Did they have license to use all those films and film sound affects in thier promotions? Something feels a little fishy.

    The game's still in development - I imagine a lot ofthose are placeholders:)

    So it's kind of like Gratuitous Space Battles with more of a "fine detail" POV? I could get into this.

    Feels like the old "theme" games like theme park and theme hospital. But this is a whole lot cooler.


    As soon as I realised there was crowdfunding for this I went straight to the IndieGoGo page and pledged.

    This looks awesome but there are a lot of copyright infringements going on here

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