A Gaming Laptop Is So Bright, You Gotta Wear 3D Shades

Samsung is giving its first dedicated gaming laptop, dubbed Series 7 Gamer, with a not-so-subtle coat of bright yellow gloss. As website Engadget points out, the laptop gets an AMD Radeon HD 7870M and a SuperBright 3D LED display.

It'll be out August 14 in South Korea for the equivalent of around US$2,640. No word on a Western release.

"Series 7 gamer Yellow 3D" launch a more robust model refresh [Samsung Tomorrow via Engadget]

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    The look on his face. "yes i own a yellow laptop, one at a time ladies..."

    I better brush up on my 1337 StarCraft gaming skills.

    "AMD Radeon HD 7870M" - as a gaming laptop its doomed itself right there (even if you could stand the paintjob).
    Don't get me wrong my gaming machine runs AMD, but because of this I know there are some games that just do not play nice with AMD cards, and end up with an increadibly poor framerate, or just plain crash.
    Everything works with nVidia, and changing the video card in a modern laptop is impossible (as it is part of the motherboard).
    Case in point is Borderlands, runs like crap on crossfired 6950s, but great on a single nvidia.

      Maybe you should get off your nvidia bandwagon. Of course some games don't work with crossfire/sli, comparing crossover vs single for compatibility is just wrong. I have a crossfire 6950 setup that I use for multi monitor gaming which I think mad does better and at these high res there is no difference between nvidia and amd.

    Reminds me of the ASUS Lamborghini laptops I used to sell to corporate execs that just wanted something shiny to show off.

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