A Lovely New Musical Theme From The Composer Of Journey

Even in a banner year for great game music, Austin Wintory's living, breathing score for Journey stands apart. I've been looking forward to seeing what he's been up to — as it turns out, he's been working on the soundtrack to Horn, an upcoming game by Phosphor Games (that, yes, will be published by Zynga.)

Wintory has posted the main theme to Soundcloud — it features Chris Bleth on penny whistle, Leif Woodward on viol de gamba, and Chris Gale on the ocarina. Since ocarina is required in all video game soundtracks according to rule #32 of the video game soundtracking accord of 1998.

Here it is:

Nice. So yeah, this game will be related to Zynga. That doesn't make the music any less lovely.


    Far out. This would have to be the 4th or 5th article I've read today with the most obvious of errors, do people not proof-read their work before posting? It looks poor on their part.

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