A Mass Effect Point-and-Click Adventure Fan Game? Yes Please!

Regular readers may have noticed that I have rather an addiction to classic point-and-click style adventure games. Those same astute readers may also have noticed I have a wee bit of an obsession with Mass Effect. This fan project that puts the two together, making a Mass Effect point-and-click adventure game, is therefore completely irresistible.

Finding Shepard takes place after the conclusion of Mass Effect 3. [Spoilers] As the game's creator explains: it posits that Jack, in all her foul-mouthed, R-rated glory, has to find a way to the Citadel to discover what became of Commander Shepard after the "destroy" ending. She's on house arrest, after punching Admiral Hackett in the face (and really, who's surprised?), and must use good old-fashioned [noun] with [noun] to find her way around.

Scroll down for some slightly spoilery screenshots giving us a first glimpse at Jack's starring turn in her own adventure. Making the psychotic biotic the star of a problem-solving game, rather than a kill-all-the-things one, has a delightful irony to it that makes me even more excited to see how the project turns out.

Presenting: Finding Shepard (A Mass Effect Fangame) [via IndieGames]


    This looks awesome, reminds me a lot of The Dig in particular, partly because of the setting, partly because of the eyes.

    omg. kate, dont be ashamed, there's lots of us out there in the same boat.cant wait to see more!

    WANT!!!! This looks bloody incredible!!!

    Aww but I romanced Tali. Still looking forward to it though ^ ^

    Who is this silly guy in the screenshots? I thought it was about finding Shepard. You know, the woman who kicked all sorts of ass.

      What kind of fever dream was that in?

      I've been wondering the same thing since 2008, why does this metro baboon-face pussy keep showing up on game covers, wallpapers etc? As far as Shepard's continued absence from all the group shots though, guess she's the 1 behind the camera?

    Just a heads up to improve it: Flip the photo. Shepard's N7 is backwards. ;)

    We back you up! Your work is awesome! Shep Would be proud of you ♥

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