A Morning Of Pleasantly Surprising 3DS News Direct From Nintendo

This morning's Nintendo Direct event was chock full of news and views from the latest portable games to grace Nintendo handhelds. What's going on with Animal Crossing for the 3DS? Is that really the last Professor Layton game? What are the Pokémon people working on?

We've got you covered. Behold, 3DS joy!

First Look at the New Professor Layton Adventure. It's the Last One.

Today, Level-5 unveiled its latest Professor Layton. It's not only the sixth Layton adventure. It's the last one for the game's titular character. The name of the game is Layton Kyoujyu to Cho Bunmei A no Isan (loosely "Professor Layton and the Legacy of Super civilisation A"). More »

The Newest Paper Mario Looks Awesome

Nintendo is putting a new spin on Paper Mario with its upcoming entry in the series, Paper Mario: Super Sticker. The game features sticker spin on the Paper Mario games, and players will be collecting stickers through out the game, which can even be used when battling enemies. More »

Nintendo Has a New Tomodachi Collection. This Video Justifies Its Existence.

Nintendo's latest Tomodachi Collection is slated for spring 2013. Tomodachi Collection is a life simulator that is often compared to both The Sims and Animal Crossing. More »

Nintendo 3DS XL Going All Pink (and White)

To mark the newest Girls Mode fashion game, Nintendo is releasing a new 3DS XL colour: pink and white. The handheld will be released on September 27 for ¥18,900 ($250). More »

The Latest Game from Pokémon's Creators Isn't Pokémon

Game Freak, the folks behind Pocket Monsters, are working on a new download title for the 3DS. It's called Rhythm Hunter: HarmoKnight. It's a platforming game meets rhythm game. HarmonKnight uses "attack" and "jump" to clear each stage. More »

The New Animal Crossing Has MUCH Cooler-Looking Houses

Straight from Nintendo president Satoru Iwata's livestreamed Nintendo Direct event today, here's more of Animal Crossing for 3DS, which Japan gets this November and America and Europe get next year. More »

Capture Tiny Electric People in this Strange-Looking 3DS RPG Sequel

Denpa Ningen no RPG was one of the oddest-looking titles to hit the 3DS. The title literally means "Electro-Magnetic Wave Human's RPG". In Denpa Ningen no RPG2, you catch these electro-magnetic wave people, make a party, and then go on adventures with them! More »


    Every time I hear about new layton games, I think sadly of Prof Layton vs Ace Attorney that has yet to be localised.

    Capcom? Please? :(

    Come on Nintendo. Make the entire Nintendo shop available on 3DS or GTFO.

    Not gonna lie all these games look incredibly dull/lackluster paper mario looks alright but that's about it :c

    For f**ks sake. More announcement of half arsed sequels.

    Why won't they say anything about animal crossings western release? :(

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