A Persian Legend Of Zelda? Sure, Why Not

Artist Lenqi imagines a classic Persian take on The Legend of Zelda. It deserves a round of applause. Not just for shaking up the setting (which to be fair, has in recent years gone both "pirate" and "cowboy"), but for how well it fits. I'm getting visions of a Zelda game with the visuals from 2008's Prince of Persia, and it's making me feel kinda funny.

Best part, though? That Triforce redesign. Love it.

the eye and the hand of the queen [Lantha — Noid]


    Looks cool but the original Triforce logo looks better ^_^

    massive gaming boner for this. Go Nintendo go! Make it happen haha

      Never will. Miyamoto and Iwata need to retire ASAP.They have their heads stuck too far up each-others arses to realise what gamers actually want to play..

    Ugh. Why pick the crappiest POP remake?
    That Prince looked like he got dressed in a scarf and blouse shop in the dark.

    around the time that OoT came out I remember talking with friends about how Zelda needs to do 'spin-off-ish' games where the Zelda formula/characters are put into new and different 'genres/locations/time-periods'... we imagined cyber-punk Zelda, old west Zelda, ancient Asian Zelda, etc... Seeing these really make me want that direction for the series again.

    Persian women are hot!

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