A Proper Origin Client Coming To The Mac

Following up on this morning's news of SimCity coming to Origin for the Mac in February, the Origin client proper is coming to the Mac as well, giving apple gamers a taste of the fresh new features coming to EA's online service.


    Good move.

    Origin gets a lot of undeserved hate from the gaming community

      So.....how exactly is it undeserved?

        The biggest complaint I see is that its simply, not steam. Only steam can be steam and Origin isn't trying to be steam, it's trying to be Origin.

          Really? Because the biggest complaint I've seen is that it's spyware with a shady EULA.
          The second biggest complaint is that it's inferior to Steam....and that's a perfectly acceptable complaint to make. Steam is top dog of digital distribution and all subsequent DD services are going to be compared to it. Much like how all MMORPGs are compared to WoW.

          The thing is, is that there is no need for Origin. Simply put, origin does most things that steam does, worse.

    When's a proper Origin client coming to Windows? ooooooh snap.

      DAMN beat me to it =/ First thing I thought reading the article title!

    Does this mean that there's going to be a commitment from EA to bring new releases to OSX as well as Windows? I'm interested enough ignore the obligatory "ew it's Origin" factor if this is true...

    Poor Mac if Origin for Windows is anything to go by

    This is welcome news.... as long as there are actually decent Mac releases. Steam might be better, and Steam for Mac isn't too bad, but we still don't get as many big name game releases as Windows does. Its mostly casual games. Bleh.

      Thats not the fault of steam/valve. Talk to the developer if you want a Mac edition they are the ones who have to code it to work on OSX.

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