A Show-Stopping Contender For 'Most Ambitious Video Game Wedding'

Video games don't just make for great wedding-proposal material, they can also make their way into the wedding itself.

We've run pictures from a lot of cool video game weddings over the years, and this latest one, sent in by Marvel Sutantio and his bride Christy, is surely up there with the most ambitious of them. It's got it all: A Mario photo station, a heralding squad wielding Minecraft swords, 8-bit invitations and of course, a totally bananas Tiny Tower wedding cake.

The philosophy here seems to be, you're gonna do a video game wedding… do a video game wedding. Congratulations to Marvel and Christy! May you live long, and may the tiny tower of your love grow to be one hundred floors strong.

Here are some of their many pictures:


    With a name like Marvel...why did you have a superhero theme wedding...

    Theming your wedding around your hobby is odd. Why would you want to turn what is supposed to be your expression of commitment to a partner for life, into a monument to your favorite hobby? Unless you're expression your life long commitment to gaming AS WELL as your partner it makes sense.

    Just have a gaming based birthday.

      You realise some peoples hobbies are THEIR life. So by joining their hobby with their ceremony(with the wife's consent of course) You're combining the 2 fundamentals of your life into a single expression unity which is unlikely to be surpassed in your life time. It's the ultimate way of expressing togetherness and commitment that you give your all.

    I mentioned lolcats in my wedding vows. Victory fanfare played as we walked from the ceremony. We danced to the Bayonetta end credits version of Fly Me to the Moon (which was also a shout out to our Evangelion love!). The wife and I had fun with it and it made the day that much more special for the both of us.

    If you want a 'normal' wedding more power to you but I'm not losing any sleep over how my wife and I had our wedding and neither should anyone else.

    My wife and I both do karate. While we didn't have a karate themed wedding, we DID get a custom made little bride and groom wearing gi's made for the cake decoration. It was awesome. We've still got it hidden away somewhere... all that sugar keeps forever, I guess.

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