A Superior Way To Play 'Free' Video Games?

Square-Enix explains why they're letting users of their new Core Online service play some old games for free, so long as they watch about a minute of ads for every 10-20 minutes of game time. Quoted from their FAQ. More details on how Core Online works here.


    Right now, I dont care about this 'watch ads to play' system. Personally, I hate ads and I will pay for the ad free version. . . each to their own.
    But I will be really pissed if they end up combining the two! Eg: pay for the game but still have to watch ads!
    Dont say it wont happen because I guarantee it will.
    Then the system will be. . . pay for the game, still have to watch ads, but you can then purchase a 'premium' ad free version for extra.
    Just watch.

      Unfortunately probably true.

      Yeah, I hate to say it but I really think that prediction will be spot on. :(

      These things are driven by the market.

      If enough people are willing to pay for a game once, then pay again to remove ads - then developers will make it. If enough people are annoyed by it to not buy games, then it'll quietly die out or become an unprofitable thing to do.

      I'm glad we have the option to spend time or money, frankly - and the ads aren't intrusive, nor badly-done product placements.

    I tried it out. No different to a youtube video where you watch a brief ad before the video starts. I watched an ad for Kinect Mini Ninjas which lasted about 1m15s and got myself 24m play time. I think that's a pretty good deal. And if they start making payment mandatory I will simply not partake. It's that easy.

    I actually don't mind this sort of business model.
    It's basically like Spotify for games.... I'm more than happy to have spotify splash adds all over my screen while my monitor is turned off and I'm just listening to music. The minor interruption every 30min for an add is hardly noticeable. And interruption to game time could be more annoying but if it coincided with a loading screen or something like that.... knock yourself out.
    Now hurry up and give me a good spotify for TV shows and movies!
    Also you can purchase the premium version with no add... this would be no different.
    In fact it would be similar to steam showing you adds of recent releases every time you close a game.

    The last thing I want when I'm halfway through a dungeon or an intense firefight is an ad for car insurance or whatever bollocks they put up. Can you imagine just how badly this would ruin the immersion? Imagine playing Amnesia or anything else with a great atmosphere only to have that vision shattered by an advert for constipation relief. Fuck this idea and throw it into the cores of a thousand suns. It will be like watching a movie on Channel 7, which for those of you that don't know 7 cuts up movies so bad every movie is Memento, but instead of awesome, they're just cut into a lot of small pieces... so not actually much like Memento. I'll bet they'll run it in the same way as TV movies , when things start to heat up you get 3x the ads. Worst idea I've ever heard. I'd rather just buy my goddamn game from the shop and be done. No microtrans-wank-tions (see what it did there), no ads, no season pass elite bullshit. I gave you a hundred fucking dollars for your game, I'd like the whole thing please.

    The only negative i have is that you can't play them on school computers because you need to install some plugin

    This is a great deal! These days, I pay to see a movie, then I have to sit through literally 30 minutes of ads just to get 2 hours worth of viewing time. Now I can watch 30 minutes of ads and get 10 hours of game time! Although you can't actually watch it all in one sitting (maximum of 60 minutes accumulated) and from what I hear, you have to watch them as anything that takes focus from the browser stops the ad.

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