Adventures Of LEGO Minecraft: Part One

Wow. This is so well made. Popping up last night on YouTube, it's an animated series using the new Minecraft LEGO. It legitimately feels super gritty — like The Walking Dead, only with creepers. Made in LEGO.

As soon as we see part 2 we'll let you guys know but, for now, you might as well just enjoy this!


    :D Thanks so much for featuring my video! I have to get on making more ASAP, I have a lot of ideas for continuing the series, anyone who's interested might want to follow me @

    I like how the "real" lego-man saves the Minecraft lego-man.

    Its kind of saying: LEGO > MINECRAFT LEGO hahaha

      Not really... Minecraft lego guy will definitely prove his worth in episodes to come.

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