After Learning It Was Copied From Another Game, DOTA 2 Gives A Mace The Axe

Some 25,000 players who had bought a community-created weapon within DOTA 2 discovered a new item in their inventories after Valve learned it had been copied directly from the MMO Aion.

Valve brought this up on its Steam Workshop blog, probably because 25,000 people noticed they no longer had "Timebreaker", a popular user-created mace that made it into the game earlier this winter. The item is a straight copy of "Marchutan's Blessed Mace" from Aion.

It sounds also like Valve wanted to make an example out of this, as "it took a lot of time for us to investigate and remedy the situation," wrote DOTA designer Alden Kroll. While about 1400 community-created items have been removed from DOTA 2, this situation was different because it involved one that had actually gone on sale. "It becomes more complicated if a Workshop item becomes offered for sale on Steam or in a game, and the item later turns out to infringe on someone else's work," Kroll wrote.

The user who made the mace has been banned from the game and is going "to lose out on any proceeds from the sale of the item," said Kroll, who added that 24,603 users spent money on keys to open a chest and receive the mace. He repeated an appeal for the community to flag plagiarised contributions and for contributors to create only original work and swear to that fact.

Respecting Intellectual Property [Steam Workshop Blog]


    Ilike the fact that, rather than just remove it, they went and made a replacement mace, with spell effects and giving the ones owned by players 'Immortal' level rarity.

    kinda ironic, seeing as how DOTA 2 itself was copied from another game

      Infringing on copy rights means a lawsuit, They have Dota's current developer so they have the legal rights to create Dota 2.

      Please, enlighten us as to what Game DOTA 2 copied.

      Yeah, because every sequel doesn't take any elements from its previous games.

      Lol ur funny , can u please elaborate as in which game dota 2 copied off of.

    Um - I didn't know this game was even out - is it out, is it one of those free-to-play games?

      You have to basically fill out an application form to play it.

        You can also buy into the beta (it's only beta in the sense that Minecraft was a beta) for 30$ (includes some cosmetics). Alternatively if you have the patience you can also trade an invite for cheaper since most people got extras when they got invited by the application.

      The game is in beta, to get in you fill out a survey and wait for them to send you an invite, or you can hunt for a key online in hundreds of places.

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