Air Force Dad Surprises Son By Coming Home As A Jedi Knight

Col. Rob Kiebler spent 14 months away from his family serving with the US Air Force, both training and on a tour of Afghanistan. He recently returned home, and having not seen his son for over a year, wanted to really surprise him.


What just about brought the tears down for me, though, was the kid's reaction. At first seemingly oblivious, as most small kids are, it slowly dawns on him that his father has actually come home.

[thanks everyone!]


    Aww... That was really touching...

    He looks like Obi-Wan with the hood down

    That is the best thing ever. Amazing dad is amazing.

    Thanks for that Luke, absolutely great clip.

    I was once away from my child for two weeks. My son lives with me full time and I couldn't wait to see him after that two weeks, it drove me wild. By the end of it I rushed home early from work to see him when he got back from his vacation with his grandparents. Dad was in the airforce, he went away at times for lengths of time like that and I missed him, but never thought about how it affected him :\

    And yeah it brought out the tears a little here too for more personal reasons like above :)

    As good as the vid is, I still think Luke needs to stop spming them.... write something damit!

    Awesome dad comes home to kid as a Jedi. Awesome dad in Afghanistan comes home to kid in pieces. Ain't war grand?

    I can only hope my little girl loves Star Wars as much :D

    Awesome. But the kid was totally underwhelmed haha


    "It will be a day long remembered...."

    Air 'Force', geddit! GEDDIT!

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