All Of Valve's Familiar Faces In One Battlefield

Can you point out every Valve game that makes an appearance here? Counter-Strike, Half-Life, Portal, Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress 2... the list goes on.

[Video spoiler] I just wish Gordon hadn't killed Chell, especially considering how half-assed the animation on that kill was. Plus, they seem like they'd be such good friends.

Valve World [YouTube via Reddit]


    Gordon has just been ruined for me!
    Gordon, we used to be friends :-(

    This video is crap. Why even link it here?

    Wasn't there a Quake 1 rocket launcher? That threw me off

      Thats probably "The Original" from TF2, it's exactly the same as the default rocket launcher for the soldier but it looks like the Q1 launcher.

      it was added to tf2 during quakecon last year.

    Valve smash bros?

    This video is great, needs better animation though. PLus it was somewhat corny but at least Alien Swarm was in there.

    Lack of Ricochet is disturbing.

    Spoiler warning does nothing if you can see the text after it on the front page. Just saying.

    Love the little tongue in cheek poke at Origin and Blizzard at the start. After that it was kind of meh.

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