'All-Out Vehicle Warfare' Coming Soon To Battlefield 3: Armored Kill

Jets, jeeps and turrets galore feature in Battlefield 3: Armored Kill, the next expansion pack coming for the military shooter from DICE. The extension promises "all-out vehicle warfare," DICE said at EA's summer showcase today, and will deliver a Tank Superiority mode as well as "Armored Shield", a map set in Russia.

These five screenshots were released to illustrate the new content, which arrives in September and is free to Battlefield Premium subscribers.


    Looks like it'll hopefully be a return to form after the disastrously misguided "Close Quarters" expansion.

      I know it wasn't the traditional Battlefield formula, but I wouldn't call Close Quarters a disaster. Some of those maps are pretty damn fun with 8v8.

        Trouble is, they're no different to what you could get in any number of other generic FPS games. They didn't do anything to take advantage of the things that set BF apart from the other FPS's out there. Not to mention that it rendered most of the classes pretty redundant - not much use for recon or engineer there. Mainly just medics, with a bit of support for the claymores / C4 / ammo.

        I can understand WHY they did it - it was a pretty transparent attempt to woo the COD crowd. But it was done at the expense of the existing BF players. If they'd thrown in even just one or two new "proper" Battlefield maps along with the COD-bait then I wouldn't have minded so much. Even if they were just rehashed versions of some Bad Company 2 maps, that would have been good enough for me.

          I dunno, they feel a lot more frantic and fast paced then your average CoD game. I think its due to the map design to funnel players constantly into battle zones.

    So many vehicle whores now... I'm pretty average at vehicles and survive on average about 10 seconds in anything... Not sure if this would be fun???

      Learn how to survive longer lol.

      You could have fun on foot with some AT mines and RPGs :)

    Actually looks like the BF2BC map, rolling hills and wind turbines...was so long you HAD to use vehicles just to get anywhere...

      Can't remember the name, but if it's the one I'm thinking of, one of the best BF maps IMO.

        Heavy Metal is the map you're thinking of.

    I get the feeling that the team with the best pilots in this mode will win every time.

      teams with the better players do tend to win :p

    The Stryker MGS? Does the US really have nothing else than that piece of junk? Bah, I'm sure it some sort of super weapon in the game though.

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